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Reports & Updates for FEBRUARY 2018

We are now a registered small charity in the UK,  with HM Revenue & Customs; registration number WE88037.  Our official charity name is Agape Kenya,  UK.

We can now hold our first official meeting and set the ball rolling by beginning fundraising and raising awareness of the work of the charity.  We can also claim gift aid from those who donate and are tax payers.   A new day has dawned!    See registration letter below.

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Hilltop Church / Migori Children's Centre

Reports & Updates

LATEST REPORT  from  Bishop Jon regarding the Children's Centres (May 2017)

Thank you Ruth for your prayers. 

Our centre in Migori  (Compassionate Centre)  is helping the children both orphans and those who have their parents to feel the presence of God when they come together in the name of Jesus despite the fact that they come from different religious background. This is where the orphans within the community feel the love of God when they are given lunch on Saturdays. Currently in our Country we are facing a great Famine of which the basic commodities are bought at a very high prize, we sometimes offer them some few 2kg of corns to take home with them for food. We are doing this specially for the orphans who are living with their care takers within the community. This is one of the services which we are giving the community. 

In our centre, we hire field and plant some cones and beens of which we sell some and some we use at the centre to feed the children. At our church members sometimes give offerings to help the orphans with their school needs. Due to a lot  of poverty, we are not doing enough, but we thank God for the little we are doing. At the centre children get the opportunity to play according to their age groups. We also have volunteers who are teaching them the word of God according to their classes.

At  this center we have the Board of Management which  consist of 9 People.   We have a school at the centre.  At this school we have some few orphans whom we are taking care of their school fee.

At our Migori  Centre, we have 15 widows whom we are helping, although not much because of limited resources. These widows are those whose spouses died of Aids.   Some of them are weak because of lack of proper diet. 

I sometimes ask myself these Questions when i thought of the Orphans in our community;
"What would  you do if you lost everyone who loved you within a short time?"
  "What would you do if you had to spend everyday scavenging for food?"

  Imagine the grief and fear of these circumstances.  Imagine coping with this as a small child. 

Orphans in our communities are facing these circumstances everyday because their parents have died of AIDS.  We are praying for the well wishers to come in and help.

The other Centre which is doing the same kind of work as ours,  is Achuth  Center which is 20 km from Migori. I sent to you a picture a bout this centre. They have 1 grade cow for milk and 3 grade goats for milk. I will send you the pictures of these animals very soon.  The sell which they get from the milk is helping them pay for the orphans school fees and some few children are also getting milk as their food.

 The Centre where Peter Basil operates (in Masaba) it is also operating a school, apostolic training and taking care  of widows and sponsoring orphans in schools.

Otherwise, May God bless you. Please, if there are some more questions a bout the Children Centres, i would be happy to answer them.

Bishop John
Director of Children's Centres

Missions and map picture

KENYA  2016


On August 16th, 2016, with Peter, we met Pastor Tobias. We went to his house and the school and church he helped to found and currently supports. We were warmly greeted with African songs and greetings by the women and children and we also planted a tree (at their request), this was as a momentum for them. Paul spoke for the first two sessions, including speaking to the children using puppets.

Paul and I preached in Tobias church and we prayed for the sick. Many people came forwards for prayer and many were reporting that they were well, after prayer. One lady with chest pains came forward for prayer and we could really see the Holy Spirit touching her. She felt something happening in her chest and said she was healed. Many reported healings.

PHOTO BELOW:  We were also honoured with a song from the ladies and I was given one of their head scarfs and Paul was given one of the men's hats.

Ruth and Paul on mission trip, 2016
Ruth teaching in Migori, 2016

PHOTO:  Ruth preaching / teaching in Migori, about hearing the voice of God...

On 17th August, we ministered at Bishop John's church in Migori. It was a one-day pastor's conference. I taught the pastors and also gave out certificates to the 10 students who had completed two of my training courses with Compassionate Apostolic Training School, within the church. There are some films of children dancing and a some very short ones of the teaching!

I shared with Bishop John that I had many more ministry training courses that the students could complete and he was interested in studying these and restarting the Training School in his church for all the students who wanted to continue. I have given the training manuals to Peter and asked him to share these with Bishop John and others who want to continue training.

PHOTO BELOW:  Paul spoke to the children who attend the Children's Centre,  using puppets.

PHOTO BELOW:  A few of the students who received certicates

Ruth teaching on a mission trip, 2016

On 18th August, we ministered at another church in Migori, that was under Peter O Basil's ministry.

I preached and ordained Peter, under Julia's ministry, Apostolic Restoration Ministries, having first explained what we were doing and why. Peter was given his ordination certificate and Bible from Julia. We also laid hands on Peter and all the other students who received certificates.

Afterwards, I was asked to give out certificates to the other students in the two other Apostolic Training schools in Migori, under Pastor Solomon (from the Bware-Kanyage Branch and the Nyamgogo Branch) who had studied my course materials. I was able to give out many certificates and pray with them. Altogether there were 53 students who completed the courses, but not all were present to receive their certificates.

It was good to meet up with Wickcliffe and Lillian again, from Christcare Centre and be reconciled over some of the problems/issues we had some years ago.

Paul teaching children with puppets

PHOTO ABOVE:  Paul telling stories with puppets

On the 19th August, we went to see the Joash Murim, the owner and manager of an academy school with a church. Paul gave a talk to the children, using puppets and told the story of David and Goliath and he also taught in the second session on challenges and changes. We had dinner, then a presentation about the school and it's needs and their vision to house an orphanage. We were asked to 'partner' with them, but Paul informed them that we were unable to do this, or make any promises of finances, due to our personal circumstances.

I preached in the church afterwards, on Prayer. One Pastor (under Peter's ministry) was really encouraged and inspired by the message and we spoke afterwards about his ministry situation. This pastor also came to the church conference Migori (under Peter's O"Basil's ministry) and was again inspired and encouraged by all he learned and saw.

The man from the market place, Masaba

On 20th August

we were taken too another church that is under Peter's ministry. I taught in the morning about the person and work of the Holy Spirit and then asked if anyone wanted to receive the filling of the Holy Spirit. There were about 15-18 people present and they all came forward for prayer. So we prayed for them all and then asked for feedback – what was happening with them when we prayed for them? They all reported healings (even though we weren't praying for healings!) 

 Healings included Diabetes, Epilepsy, leg pains/conditions, headaches, chest pains etc.

I was rather taken back and encouraged at the same time!

During lunch, Paul wanted to speak to the people in the market place (where the church was based), so myself and Benedict (interpreter) went with him. We met a partially sighted man, who was a teacher of the blind and we prayed for recovery of his sight. We don't know the result of this. Meanwhile, we were being followed by an elderly lady who wanted money and a man who was homeless and wanted money. Paul refused to give him money but they followed us back to the church. We gave them a meal (it was lunchtime) and Paul went out to buy the man some new shoes (flip flops, as his were broken) and a new shirt, trousers and a jacket from the market place.

PHOTO:  Man in the market place

20th August

After dinner, Paul wanted to go and preach in the market place rather than teaching the Christians in the church. So we all took our chairs outside! Paul had to put down the notes he had prepared for the afternoon session (as this message was not appropriate for the market-place) and really on the Holy Spirit to preach the gospel – he was not prepared for this, but he began to preach from John 3:16; “For God so loved the world....” and he flowed in the Spirit. Part of this has been recorded, but I cannot attach it here!

This was followed by more singing and invitation for prayer... many people from the market-place came forwards for prayer for healing – so we laid hands on each one, praying for their healing. We had reports of healing and witnessed healing for problems with knee joints and legs. Two ladies with these problems, got up and walked and ran around the market-place. Other health issues included leg ulcers, stomach and chest problems, a baby with a fever and many more health issues. We do not know the results of all these issues except that most of the people with pain reported the pain had left and the ladies who could not walk well were walking and running! Also, a lady who could not bend was able to bend and raise her arms, whereas previously, she could not.

PHOTOS BELOW:   Children listening to the message in the market place   &  Paul preaching with an interpreter in the Market.

Vision of thrones in Heaven

On 21st August, we were due back at the same church in the market, for the Sunday service – however, I was ill and could not leave my hotel room and so was Paul, so we had to cancel. Paul walked into Migori town, even though he was in pain himself, to get some medication. He also ministered to an old lady on the side of the road, and went back later in the day, to give her some bread and water, nuts and fruit and to pray for her.

Paul and I prayed and talked for hours that day. And then Paul had a vision. As he was describing it, I recorded it. The vision was a vision of the the Bride of Christ and things that are and will take place in heaven.

It started out like this … we are his children... we are heirs to the throne of God.  Paul then saw two people, a man and woman (A King and Queen). They were dressed in long robes. The man had a gold robe and the lady a purple robe. They both wore gold crowns. They held a gold sceptre and an orb. The orb had a silver cross on it and in the middle of the cross was a purple stone. The man and woman were kneeling and in front of them were 2 chairs (thrones), padded in red and the arms were covered in thick gold. Then Paul saw the woman being crowned – she was going to her coronation.

Paul saw the man and woman kneeling before God. There were angels behind them, in the shape of a horse-shoe. Some were golden angels. There were angles all around – they all stood up and bowed down to the King and Queen. The angels raised their hands up to the throne and to Heaven.

Behind the thrones was a silver cross and written on the cross the centre, in gold letters was-

I am the King of Glory, and written down the cross was – This is the King of Glory.

The two people, the King and Queen turned around to see the angles encircling them, looking left and right and in front of them. The angles began to speak out:

“Lord of Lords, King of Kings,” “We welcome you Lord of Lords. You are the King of Glory. You are the Lord of Hosts.”

And God was above them, looking down saying, “I welcome you. I am the Prince of Peace.”

There was a break in the vision.... then Paul saw the angels to began to blow long golden trumpets – they played heavenly music – there was burst of heavenly sound and the trumpet was a call to all people – waking people up.

Then the Lord God said, “Raise up you King of Kings. Rise up Lord of Lords.”

The King and Queen came off their thrones and knelt before God, looking up to Him in the highest heaven with their hands raised up.

And God said, “I am calling you into the Heavenly Realms.”

To Paul, none of this vision made sense. To me, it all made perfect sense, as I had similar visions before. I explained to Paul that it was Biblical and that it was Christ and the Bride of Christ and the that he had seen what is, and what will take place in Heaven when Christ returns for His Bride, the Church.

On the following day, On Monday 22nd August, I saw gold flecks on Paul's body – I took photos of them. I saw some flecks on his back, eye, and ear.

On 22nd, we were due to travel to Kissi for a service and a baby dedication on Monday, but unfortunately, we were both still unwell. We had to cancel this service also. We just had a day of rest.

Jenny and Graham,  Medical Doctors/Missionaries in Nairobi

In Nairobi:    

On Tuesday 23rd, Paul, Ruth and Peter flew up to Nairobi and were met by Bishop Sammy Imbuka and taken to the Guest House. We were to speak at a pastors and leaders conference for 3 days, from 24th to 26th August. The theme was Transformation.

We were invited to speak at a 3 day Pastors and Leaders conference (24th-26th August), with approximately 60 plus people attending. The conference was in Kibera, the biggest slum area in Kenya, with 2000 people living there. The church and school are based right in the centre of this area and the Bishop lives behind the church in the slum area also.

At the Guest House in Nairobi, we met a couple who were missionary doctors, (Jenny and Graham) and they were speaking at the same conference with us in Nairobi. They knew of our coming, but we did not know of theirs!

We met and discussed what we needed to do and needed to re-arrange the programme and time/place slots that were given to us in the conference so that the messages/teachings would fit together and slot together in the right places – and this worked out really well! Everything slotted into place as it should have. Besides the practical arrangements, we got on well and had good fellowship together. I taught on missions, discipleship, The Seven Signs of John and multiplying. I also spoke on Servanthood and empowering others to minister.

They were also a blessing to us, because on Thursday night (25th August), after the evening meal at the Guest House, Paul slipped and had a serious bump on the back of his head, also hurting his back and knee. He was unconscious for a while and also confused and disorientated for about an hour. They checked him over for conscious levels and wounds etc. We also had many other helpers who Paul called 'doctors' whilst concussed and we all prayed together for Paul. After an hour and some paracetamol, Paul was helped back to the room. He made an amazing recovery, but was advised to rest and take it easy the next day – so Paul and myself did not minister on Friday at the conference, but rested. Paul felt a bit better and went off for a little walk in Nairobi – coming across people he prayed for e.g. a man with a tumour on his face. He not only prayed, but he gave little gifts to them.

Connie, gospel singer and Barbra  in . Narobi, Kenya

Fellowship in Nairobi:

Whilst in Nairobi, after Jenny and Graham had left, we met some more Christians in the Guest House: Connie (a Gospel singer), her husband Sonny and her friend, Barbara, a lady minister. Connie was such a character! She had already travelled the world on short mission trips, and had ministered in Hondorus at least 8 times and had ministered in other countries also. We exchanged lots of funny mission stories and lots of other fellowship took place between us.

We prayed with Barbara and Connie on the Saturday night, before they had to leave. Paul had a Word of Knowledge for Barbara and we prayed for her inner healing and also healing over Connie's legs (numbness as a result of Diabetes) and also for the Diabetes itself. We prayed over their ministries. I saw people being saved when Connie sang, repenting and turning to God and I saw Barbara being a strong bold lion. God showed me how he wanted to give her great courage to preach the word (she is an ordained lady minister).

They were an inspiration to us. She sang the Gospel and on this trip they visited hospitals, prisons, elderly people's homes, children's homes, church ministry and street ministry. We will not forget them!

National Park in Narobi

On Saturday 27th, before we were due to minister on Sunday, we had a day off and went to see some elephants and wild animals in the Nairobi National park! 

 We actually got to stroke this elephant and I had a kiss from him! I wanted to feed them, but we arrived too late and they got taken away! Ahh... next time!!!   Bishop Sammy came with us too.  He had never been to this park,  nor had he seen an elephant!  This was a real treat for him.

Ruth and Paul preaching in Narobi

On Sunday 28th, we were back in the Bishop's church in Kibera, Nairobi. Paul told stories to the children, using puppets and then went to speak to the youth. Ruth spoke in the main morning meeting about the two blind men who met Jesus and how God healed them and the healing of the man with leprosy. We prayed for many sick people and many reported a release of pain and healing in the bodies; ranging from headaches, tumors and ulcers, stomach and chest pains.

We started our return journey to England on Monday 29th August, amazed and exhausted!    We can't wait for the next instalment!

Lady who received a baby girl,  9 months after prayer

Narobi 2016

This is the lady who we prayed for, that God to open her womb so she could conceive.  She wanted a baby girl ....   and here she is! 

Mission picture - Kenya

KENYA  2012

PHOTOS have been lost!  

Please forgive the lack of photos for this trip.

With Pastor Ben, Pastor from Restoration Church, Coleshill in Birmingham, UK and Ruth went to visit the Apostolic Training Schools and teach in them, and to visit the Family and Children's Centres founded.   The first Training School we visited, near Tanzania, has just been established and opened on the day of our visit.  We spent the morning teaching in the school and then had lunch, and presentations, songs and dance, from the children who will be part of the new Children's Centre when it is established.


We spent 3-4 days with Transfiguration Children's Centre and Trinity Apostolic Training school.... visiting and teaching the students and teaching them about the Kingdom of God, brokenness and surrender, true worship, new wine and wineskins, and the five-fold ministry.  We spent the next 3-4 days based in Migori centre, teaching in the School, mainly about the Kingdom of God and worship.  

The Children's Centres in Kenya are and having a positive, amazing affect on the whole community, and Transfiguration Youth and Children's Centre, based in Godjope, Migori, Kenya, have even had recommendations from the local government for the work. Transfiguration Centre has been in operation for about 2 years and they have an amazing farming and feeding project for the children and orphans. This Centre has elected to take orphans into their own home to care for them, rather than build an orphanage.   The Centre needs help with funding for the orphans, namely shoes, clothing, medical care, sports equipment and education fees for those going to High School.

The Farming Project....       The local pastor's fellowship and community leaders have worked together on an agricultural/farming project.  They grow a variety of foods from sugar cane, marrows, advocados,  passion fruits, ground nuts, potatoes, bananas, sunflowers, tea, aloe vera, and much more...    to help feed the children and orphans, who we now call "God's Children."  The produce is also sold to help clothe and educate the children ... their wish is to extend the farming project and obtain more farming equipment and tools to make them more efficient and effective.                                                                                                                                                                           

As The Centre also has a Widows Programme (see photo below) in the community who meet together weekly to support one another and they are hoping to obtain some funds from non-governmental organisations to help them develop business and develop economically.      The Centre has a Sports and Recreation Project, and wish to set up a training and talent academy for young people with leadership abilities.   They have also an HIV health education programme  AND  they also have one of our  Apostolic Training Schools based at the Centre, namely Trinity Apostolic School.  Their hope is to have a full-time ministry training college in the near future.         

 We had a good time with the students and pastors at Trinity Apostolic School (based near the Centre), and met with them and taught them for 3 days...  The students are pastors and church leaders  they are at the beginning of their studies at present....    

The Centre is run extremely well, with voluntary staff, managers and directors, who all take responsibility for their area of work, and who have all come together voluntarily from different denominations and backgrounds, and have worked together for the good of their community - hence their work have been recognised by the local government - although they do not receive funding from them!  

Children from Migori Centre

PHOTO:  Some of the children from the Centre,  playing outside

Migori Compassionate Centre is also going extremely well, run by Compassionate Pastor's Fellowship; again they are from various denominations and work together, voluntarily, for the good of the community.  They have only been running for 6 months, so far, beginning in February 2012.   They run a Children's Centre and an Apostolic Training School.

So far, the Centre has established three Pre-schools within the Centre (one in the main church building, and two outside of the Centre) alongside this, they have a feeding programme, to make sure the children have nutrition daily.  The number of children they care for is increasing daily; alongside this, this Centre have also elected to care for the orphans in their own homes.  

They have a Youth Education Programme every Saturday and Sunday, who meet for games, play and teaching.  They have a Women's Group meet to support one another in their homes and they meet for teaching... they also carry out home visiting in the community to support children, widows and families.   The Centre is also involved in Community Farming, and have maize plantation and a few cows to help feed the children.  Their wish and hope is to buy some more fields so they may extend the farming and be more effective in their feeding programme.

The Centre has hopes and ambitions to hold holiday play schemes for sports, but lack playground facilities and are currently hiring a field.  They have a small library which they wish to extend out to the community and they are currently in the process of building an office and kitchen for the use of the Centre.

The Centre needs help with sports and play equipment for the children, with funds for feeding the children and those in the community, and funds for extending the farming project.  They would also like to employ the Pre-school teachers and need books, equipment and rooms.  They also need clean water and transport.   Please pray with us that God will provide for them and help them find solutions to these practical problems.  They also successfully run Migori Training School ...  and the numbers of students are increasing.  They are also at the beginning stages of their training.

This Centre is run extremely well, with voluntary staff and directors: they are growing and  have ambitions for the future.  

We were very sad that we were unable to visit the Ilivia Children's Centre, near Migori, on this occasion, due to flight changes... however verbal reports from the Centre are positive... we are hoping to visit this Centre on our next visit and the new Centre being established near Tanzania.   

The trip was a learning journey for myself, about personal agendas, about submission, surrender, serving and true spiritual authority.  I think I probably learned more than the pastors and students, and long may it continue!

Freedom picture - our mission

Mission, Kenya & Uganda, 2010

Friday 22nd Oct 20

After many months of planning and preparation we were finally off on our trip…

Paul dropped us all off at London City Airport, and shortly afterwards, Jon ran into the back of my heel with the suitcase trolley.  So I was hobbling and in pain and bleeding, before we even got through the doors of the airport!  A Guard or Porter, saw I was in trouble, and asked for the First Aider to come and see me and clean up the wound etc, then we had to fill in a report.  Cathy’s plaster was not allowed ! 

We arrived in Nairobi after a stopover in Amsterdam.  I was told our cases would be transferred straight onto the next plane to Kisumo, but I was wrong.  So when we tried to report in for the next flight, we couldn’t – we had a short time to run back, try to find our cases, then re-check ourselves in.  So we went back, but could only find 3 of the 4 cases.  Jonathan’s little black case (with all my teaching notes in) was missing !  I went to the desk and they tracked it – it had been left in Amsterdam and would be sent over to Nairobi, then onto Kisumu the following day.  This meant we needed to stay the night in Kisumu, which we hadn’t planned to do.  Fred phoned Mary, as we already had permission to visit, and asked if it was alright for us to stay for one night – so that’s what we did !

However, BEFORE we got to Kosele, we were asked to go and visit Pat Boatwright, (a missionary from England who runs a children’s home in Kisumu) at her house.  She wanted to share some things and needed some prayer and encouragement.  So we all prayed together, then Pat took us around Covenant House and we saw the dorms and the school etc.  We then went back to lunch at her house, then visited Fred’s parents, then onto Kosele to see Hope and Kindness. 

Children at Kosele, Kenya

Children and Staff at Hope and Kindness


PHOTO:  Children from the Centre and Jon (background)

It was very good to see the children and staff again at Hope and Kindness Centre in Kosele, (run by Judi and Terry Mott).   This Centre is not part of the work in Mogori, they are completely separate, but my visits and work with them, the two previous years,  set me on my way to mission work in Migori.   They made us very welcome at Hope and Kindness.  They were having a prayer and worship time up in the school rooms in the evening, and asked us to share a word of encouragement – so Fred and I shared something.  I shared that they need to ‘keep going on – and to search and hunger for God... and reminded them of some of the things I taught them last year....  We stayed overnight and so did Mary and her little girl she has charge off – we all stayed in the same room. 

Saturday 23rd Oct, 2010 

We were not able to get away until later in the afternoon the following day, due to some things Fred needed to do.  We eventually got off, and went to Nakumat supermarket to pick up some essential items before we got to Migori.  We picked up some food for Lillian also. 

Lillian (and others) welcomed us and made us feel at home and we settled into our rooms (boys at front of house, girls at the back).  I prepared (read through) the notes for church on Sunday, then we went to bed.  The rooms were not well lit, and we needed our torches to see, as the light bulbs weren’t strong enough to give any light.  We ate in the dark in the ‘dining part’. 

Sunday 24th Oct, 2010

We all went to Christcare church in the morning !  I spoke on “He took, He broke, He blessed, He gave.” 

The worship is so different with the accompaniment of drums, and the service so long.  The children danced for us and at the end of the service we gave out the sweets we had brought just for them (of course the adults had some too !)  We took lots of photos and danced and got to know the children and adults.

In the afternoon I prepared for the following day, reading through notes etc.  Cathy, Jon and I started playing “I spy” in the dark, because we could not read or do anything else !  Although Cathy and I sang and prayed every evening in the dark !

PHOTO BELOW:  Some of the girls who live at Christcare Centre 


Children from Hope and Kindness, Kosele
Children from Christcare Centre, Kenya

PHOTO:  Children dancing @ Christcare Centre, Migori

Monday 25th Oct, 2010

I began the teaching on Spiritual Warfare at about 10.30 am, rather than 9 am, because the African timing is very different to ours !  I was surprised there were so few in comparison to previous years when there were many more, but Wickclife explained they had problems with government officials and could only have a few students and needed to teach their curriculum.  What I was teaching was a Pastor’s conference, and was additional to the curriculum. 


I started the first session with Fred interpreting on the Origin and Fall of Satan and Satan’s military structure.  There was very good response, and we worked in groups in the afternoon, discussing, praying and looking at the practical application of the teaching. 


During the teaching sessions, I used the students as models to demonstrate some principals.


After the main sessions, I invited Jack and Alfred down to talk about the role of the Apostle.  I went through the teaching with the both of them, in our room, with Cathy present.  They found this helpful to their role and ministry.

We were invited down to the football pitch to talk to the players on Monday night, but I knew it wasn’t right for ME to speak, so I asked Cathy and Jon if they would like too?  Jon said he would, and he had a story to share with them about cows and marriage and God’s love etc.... so when the time came, we all went down to the football pitch.  I greeted people and introduced Jon and Cathy.  Cathy gave her testimony and was absolutely brilliant.  I prepared for the next day, and after dinner in the dark, Cathy and I worshipped and prayed together. 

Tuesday 26th October, 2010

We started late again !  We had about 15 pastors.  I spoke on Personal attacks against Christians, including curses, strongholds, and witchcraft and how to break curses.   In the afternoon we had our groups (Jon led one of these groups all week) and I offered an extra session at the end of the main session, all about the role of the Pastor.  They all stayed behind to listen and learn.  We put our chairs and tables in a circle and I sat down to teach them, informally.  They put a lot of input into this and I expanded on their input and went into a lot of detail about the role of the shepherd etc.


BELOW:  Photo taken after the football match and Jon and Cathy’s talk.


Pastors and students after a football match
Children from the pre-school at Christcare Centre

 The Pre-school children

Wednesday 27th October, 2010

Jonathan and Cathy, with Fred, shared with the pre-school children.  Jon told a story about cows, and related to the children’s worth, and Cathy used a mirror to show them how much God loved them – Fred followed this up with some games for the children – all before I began the teaching session with the adults!

After the short session with the children, I taught in the Pastor’s conference, a bit about prayer and prayer warfare, but mainly about our Spiritual armour and weapons and strategies, and the keys God gives us in our battles, (name of Jesus, praise, blood of the lamb, the Holy Spirit) using demonstrations, with group work in the afternoons. 

After the main teaching, we went to Home Bible Study group.  What a walk !  Up hills, rocky roads, fields and a stream, very hot and tiring, and I felt unable to walk any further !  We eventually made it to the house, and I was exhausted!  Then we had to stand to worship and pray, and all I wanted to do was to sit down!  The house groups are very formal, last for 1 hour, with prayers, worship, testimonies and then a ‘word’ followed by cups of tea.  I gave the word about Touch, and Jairus’s daughter.  We then began our long trek back, via a better route, but still hard ! I had to keep my feet up for ages, they were swollen and sore. So I rested, prepared and slept well after dinner.


Thursday 28th October, 2010

This morning I spoke about integrity and the belt of truth.  In the early morning I had a dream.  I saw my purple folder and it was opened to the notes on integrity.  So when I awoke, I prayed and asked God if this is what he wanted me to speak on?  So I did, plus the added revelation I had about integrity and holiness and spiritual deception, just before I came to Africa.


After that, I spoke about God’s battle plans, Joshua and David in OT before the group work in the afternoon.   After group work today, Fred did an extra session on disciplining children and how to do this in the right way.

Wickclife arrived in the evening and we spoke about my vision for the Family and Children’s Centre – I drew it in circles so he could understand how it works.  He wants me to make a manual and put it in short paragraphs (a year plan, Jan – Dec) with bullet points. 


Wickclife also shared about his new church and the problems they are having with witchcraft, abducted children, female circumcision etc and the effects on the church members when they pray or read the bible.  He also told me about their ‘low/small doors’ they have to enter to get into any building there, and not to look at it with Western eyes.


Friday 29/10/10  last session

At the Pastor’s conference, I recapped on Strongholds and curses, recognizing demonization in Christians and non-Christians and how they enter, about how to minister in dignity and respect and out of public eye,  ministering to children,  and the 5  R’s  of deliverance: repent, renounce, rebuke, restore, replace.   We then had question and answer time and dinner. 

After dinner, we said we would not do group work, but we just wanted to bless them with prayer.  So I prayed for them co-operatively, and then asked if anyone wanted individual prayer. 

They all wanted individual prayer, so Cathy, Jon and I prayed for each one.  Cathy, Jon and I prophesied or had pictures for most of the pastors present and shared them.  We then blessed them again co-operatively, and left the meeting.  (The pastors had a business meeting with Wickclife, so we were not able to say goodbye). 

Wickcliffe and Lillian,  pastors at Christcare Centre

Eric and myself in Migori


Eric Juma, my spiritual son from previous years, came to see me, just before second half of session, so we chatted briefly and Eric sat through the second half, patiently waiting for us.  Afterwards he gave me an update on his ministry (crusades and conferences etc) and asked for prayer over a decision concerning Pastorship of a church he had been offered in Tanzania.  I felt, after prayer, there was a green light and that he should GO, and that this was part of God’s plan and purpose for his personal growth, ministry and development.  Eric has invited me to go to Tanzania next time I come over to Kenya, to minister at this church for a few days.  He said he was greatly influenced by my teaching in the past, and it had helped him with his ministry, so he wants me to share that with others.

Fred was away all day trying to sort out transport for our trip to Uganda.  Cathy has been teaching the girls the song, “Jesus how lovely you are, whist I was reading” and later on, Jon went back down to the footballers and spoke to them again about God, with Jack interpreting. 

JACK, had recently come back to Migori and was attending church.  He had been away for some months.  I invited him to the seminars and he came, and interpreted for me on some occasions.  I had been praying for Jack for ages, that he would return to the Lord and the calling God has on his life.  He seems to have ‘come back’ but I felt he still needs prayer.  I am not sure if he has dealt with all the issues in his life, but he listened and took me seriously about the calling upon him.  I think Eric will be keeping in touch with him, and hopefully, will take him under his wing.

PHOTO  BELOW:  Eric (Student) and Ruth


Eric and Ruth at Christcare Centre


SATURDAY 30th Nov, 2010 

We all left in the hired car at 8 am, after our goodbyes.  We got way past Ouygis but about 10 am, we got stopped by the Police on the side of the road, regarding insurance documents, which they claimed were forged.  (However we saw them stop many cars, or slow them down, and if people threw money out of the window, the Police let them go....).  So we were stuck on the side of the road for ages, then we had to take the car back to Ouygis Police Station, whilst they compounded the car and questioned Fred for ages.  Eventually, they let us all go (about 3 pm).  We had to travel back to Kisumo by taxi, had lunch, then caught the midnight bus that crosses over to Uganda.

There was total chaos at the boarder !  If Fred wasn’t there, we wouldn’t have a clue what to do, because no one directs you or tells you!  We got our visas, got back on the coach, then carried on.  We were met off the coach about 1.30 am in Kampala, Uganda, by Pastor Sandy and Pastor Bonnie and taken to the Guest House we were to stay in about 2 am.  We had to wake them up to get them to open up the gates and doors and let us in. Cathy and I had a nice room, with a bathroom!  The fellas were next door, 3 in a room.

Sunday 31st Oct

We had breakfast and went to Pastor Bonnie’s church – a wooden shed with a tin roof and wooden chairs and tables.  We were greeted very loudly and warmly, and I preached on, “What kind of man is this?”  We prayed corporately for the church, for the 2 pastors (Cathy and Jon had words/scriptures for them), and afterwards for 2 ladies who wanted prayer – one for twin babies she had lost and she was feeling pain in her side/abdomen, and another for strength. 

PHOTO BELOW:   Children from Pastor Bonnie’s church in Luwero, Uganda

Children from Luwere, Uganda
Cathy with children from Pastor Sandy's church in Uganda

PHOTO:   Gideon and his sister @ Pastor Sandy's church - they loved to sit next to us and hold hands with Cathy.

Monday 1st Nov

We had breakfast, but didn’t go to the school as planned this morning, because Pastor Sande hadn’t arrive yet.  I was very tired, so went back to sleep.  We had lunch at 1 pm then Pastor Bonnie and Sande decided to take us down to the school !  Whilst the conference was supposed to be started! 

We had a long, hard, hot and humbling walk to the little school and the upper school.  We walked through the town, through streets, through smelly rubbish dumps and a market.  We saw the preschool and junior section of Lady Irene School.  The lower school was dark, small, and dismal, no light and just sheds.  The upper school was a brick building with a field for children to play in.  They sat us in front of the children and introduced us, and asked us to speak to the children.  Jonathan shared the Cow story with the children, and then we were taken to another part where the children did the traditional Ugandan dance for us and other songs and dances, which was fantastic.  Jon videoed a part of one of the song/dances. 

We then walked back and got a soda and some water on the way back.  I was physically exhausted, with aching, swollen ankles and feet, and very hot and tired. We were (obviously) late for the conference and pastors wanted to hurry us up so I could begin to teach.  I could not walk straight into the conference to teach, I needed a shower.  So when I got back I had a shower to refresh myself before I went into speak.   We had trouble with the interpreters, and they kept changing them over, because one or other would get stuck.  I had 4 !  I spoke about integrity, holiness, a servant heart and love, with a short break in between. 


Tuesday 2nd Nov 

Fred and Jon went to the school this morning, to talk to the children and play games with them.  They then went to the internet cafe for Jon and took a bike ride back.  I could not manage that walk again, and be totally exhausted before I speak in the conference.   Cathy stayed with me.

The teaching today was about listening to God’s voice/dreams & visions, then after break, about the 4 keys of the Kingdom, binding and loosing.  We started late as usual !   Pastor Alex contacted me and wanted to meet me, but we couldn’t arrange it.


Wed 3rd Nov

This afternoon, I spoke on Spiritual warfare – first the enemy’s tactics against Christians, e.g. fear, followed by the Armour of God. 

After lunch, some ladies came and brought us some presents – jewellery and clothes for Cathy and myself, a hat, mats and a bowl, and jewellery for Jon and a watch.  They dressed us up and took lots of photos of us, and I had to preach in the outfit !  Quite difficult ! 

Afterwards I got changed quickly because I had to speak at Kampala University, Luwero Branch, and we all had to get packed and ready to go. 

I spoke using a microphone, because we were outside, under canvas.  I spoke about Blind Bartimaeous and what faith is etc.  We then got in the hired car/taxi and went over to Nansanna, to Pastor Sande’s house.  The Taxi got stuck right near his home and must have taken an hour or so before they got it out of the mud and back up the hill again.  Again we prayed ! 

We had dinner and then bed, because it was dark and there is nothing to do in the dark!  Cathy and I were opposite the ‘garage’.  None of the rooms had doors, windows, ceilings or privacy, just ¾ length curtains; even the ‘bathroom’ which also had a large whole in the curtain.  The latrine was outside and a bit embarrassing, because you needed to go outside to the area where people sat and talked and cooked and washed clothes etc, and go past everybody.  They all knew where you were going.  The latrine had little privacy and we need to block the door with a brick.

We slept in our little dark room, but we heard the rats come in and were rummaging in the kitchen for ages.  That made us tense and unable to settle down to sleep for a while.  The beds were comfortable though.


Children on the way to church,  Uganda

PHOTO:  Some children we met on our way to Pastor Sande’s church

The children were really lovely, and at the end of the service, Gideon (about 6 years old) touched my heart, because he had cut his finger and it looked really sore, and he was showing us his finger.  I felt his pain – not in his finger, but in his heart.  He just wanted love and affection and some positive attention, as well as his finger to be better.

I tried to explain to him, to ask his mum to clean up his finger and put something on it, to stop it becoming infected.  We later found out he had a dad and he had remarried – so Gideon had a step mom, but she neglected him.

Cathy and I decided to take down some baby wipes and a plaster for his finger the following day.

We both loved Gideon and the children, who were so excited to see us everyday.  Gideon would sit next to Cathy and cuddle her, with his thumb in his mouth and the other children all wanted and needed so much love.

Thursday 4th Nov

We were getting used to the outside latrines again, very difficult in the dark and if it had rained.  Cathy and I would go together !  Cathy lost her camera and many phone calls were made to trace it, but Pastor Sande found it in the end, down the side of the chair, under the cushion. 

Fred went off to visit friends at a base, and Jon stayed with us.  He had a very hard time travelling back, because of the rains.

We had a long quite day, and spent the time reading and praying, and preparing for the ‘conference’.  We were all reading Heidi Baker’s book, ‘Compelling Love’  and it really touched our hearts – we know the stories in it were true, because we saw and experienced these things ourselves.  I found the book very challenging, in a good way, and it was touching and changing my perspectives and my heart, and also my message to the people I was ministering too.

We started church late, because of the rains, and walked back in semi-darkness over rough roads.  The church generator wasn’t working, so I spoke using Jim’s torch, about love.  I had notes that I did not use them, because they were not appropriate, and my talk was totally different.  The message came straight from the heart, and it was the first time I ever spoke without notes.  I learned my lesson earlier in the year, from Julia my mentor, about making your message appropriate to the listeners, and this is what I needed to do here.  I gave an appeal at the end for people who wanted God’s love to be revealed to their hearts and to be filled with compassion.  I think all of them came out the front for prayer, including the children.  So Cathy, Jon, Pastor Sande, his two secretaries (Angela and Josephine) and myself laid hands and prayed for each person in turn. 

Pastor Sandy's wife, Uganda

PHOTO:  Mama Prosy (Pastor Sandy’s wife) cooking outdoors.

Fred was looking into us all going down to Jinja to stay with Mark Turnball for one night, and looking into the costs etc. 

We went to bed early again, after dinner, because of lack of light. 

In the night I had a phone call and text from Julie telling me ill, and she couldn’t get hold of Paul’s other number.  I waited until morning to text back, it was so pitch black and I needed to see what I was doing.

I also had a thumping headache and needed to take some tablets.  Loud music had been playing for hours in the night which sounded like it came from a neighbour, but it kept me awake for hours, plus Jonathan sneezing most of the night.


Friday 5th Nov

We woke up early, as Mama Prosy (Pastor Sande’s wife) gets up early and sings/worships and prays out loud (by the back door, where our room is !)  Everybody in the house is up early and very busy – chopping food, lighting fires, boiling water, cleaning floors, washing by hand and cooking the food. 


I was getting ready, washed and getting dressed in my room, and I turned around and there was a chicken on top of Cathy’s mosquito net !  It frightened me to bits, as I was not expecting to see it there.  I frightened if off and it went out again – the chicken had been in our room several times that morning – apparently it was looking for somewhere to lay its eggs !

We had breakfast, and I read my bible and prayed and looked at my notes for tonight.  I believe in the night time the Lord spoke to me and told me to speak about Lazarus, so that’s what I prepared. 

Whilst praying etc, I heard David chopping by the Banana trees, and I thought he was chopping wood, but he came out holding a chicken, with no head or feet etc !  The dog that sleeps outside went to get the chicken feet and sat there eating it !   


Sat 6th Nov

Jon and Fred went into town to sort out the tickets for going to Jinga and the coach tickets to get back to Kisumu.  Cathy and I stayed at Pastor Sande’s house, and I was reading Heidi Baker’s book again, and I wrote a message for the conference.  It was just something very simple – it was based on the Prodigal son and included lots of messages about what love is, and also my own experience of Alex as a prodigal son.  I prayed for a lady at the end about her marriage and for 2 young girls and a baby with sick cell (again).

We decided not to go to Pastor Sande’s church in the morning, because it started and ended late (12 – 4 pm ) and we needed to make our journey to Jinja.  We really wanted to see the children’s presentation, but were unable to stay for it due to time limits.

We took a taxi to Kampala then a small coach or bus to Jinja.  Our bus broke down, due to the radiator overheating, so we all had to get off whilst it cooled down.  Cathy, Jon, Fred and I, stayed outside the bus and began to pray for the bus and began to worship (out loud) whilst everyone was listening.  I think I got sunstroke – I felt so unwell later that day.  

 Eventually, they fixed the pipe with some sort of tape, and we continued on our journey.

Mark Turnball (an English friend who lives in Uganda with his wife) picked us up at the petrol station where we were dropped off by the bus, and took us back to his home.  He brought little Jacob with him, who was a little shy at first, but he soon got over that when we got to his house.

When we got back, Jacob wanted to play.  So I pushed him in his little car, out the front,   around the paved area of his home.  He loved it.  We then went in and talked about his trains and cars and I read him some stories (Thomas of course !) 

Juliet prepared a light salad lunch which we enjoyed and Mark took us and Jacob out to see the Nile and to the Nile Resort – a rather lovely hotel with good facilities and a beautiful backdrop to the river Nile where we all had sodas.

I still had a very bad head, despite taking paracetamol.  I had a lovely cold shower and decided to go to bed, and I did not feel well.  Jacob said I could sleep in his room, in his bed, and I could cuddle his bear !  Ahhh !   I also had two kisses from him.  Bless him, he is so lovely.  He was the first and only child I saw in Africa who had any toys.  He also went onto Skype and spoke to his grandparents back in Britian, so we spoke to them also!


Monday 8th Nov

Mark dropped us off at the same petrol station we were picked up from.  We waited for absolutely ages (the bus was late of course) then discovered we were on the wrong side of the road and needed to run across the other side of a busy road with our cases in tow !  We got there in the end.

The car came for us, and we saw Fred’s parents for a short time, then went off to lunch, because I could not eat fish (due bad fish allergy), which was all they had.  We then went to the market so Jon could get the souvenirs

He wanted.  My stomach was very bad after lunch.  I did not feel well at all, so asked Fred to take us straight to Kisumo airport rather than back to his parents.

We arrived in Nairobi, and after a little confusion about where to go, we finally got the plane back to England.  The flight back (9 hours, direct flight) was peaceful and all went well.  Paul (my husband) picked us up at 6 am (British time) the following morning.   It was SO GOOD to be back !

                                                                         PHOTO:  Relaxing in Jinga, Uganda,  with Mark, Fred,  Ruth & Jon

Mark, Fred, Ruth and Jon in Uganda

SUMMARY of Trip to Kenya and Uganda, 2010

Team members:   Ruth,  Jon, Cathy, and Fred

The challenges of the trip....

There were many challenges !  widespread poverty, corrupt police, long and difficult journeys, consistent illness (stomach upsets) bites, swollen ankles etc, practical and physical conditions of roads, vehicles and people’s living conditions, African time,  pastor’s expectations, mounting expenses on the trip.... and missing people back home!

The blessings of the trip ....

We were blessed by the humble and hungry hearts of the people we met – in every place in Africa.  These people listened eagerly to the messages we gave, and welcomed the personal prayer ministry they received.   These people are truly the ‘poor in spirit’ and theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven, along with the beautiful children who have lost their parents or been abandoned,  and many have not known love.

The pastors at Migori were a blessing !  They were spiritual hungry and very receptive to the teachings.  They asked lots of questions and participated fully in group work and feedback. Jon also led a group of pastors during group time in the week, and Fred also.   We were able to pray for each one and lay hands on them at the end of the week, and we prophesied over them individually.  I believe they received the teaching (on Spiritual Warfare) and will implement the principals taught into their own lives and ministries.

It was a blessing to see Jack back in the fold of Christcare  Ministries.  He was once a student at the school of ministry and one of my students whilst there 2 years previously.  I prophesied and knew he had a calling on his life to be an Apostle, but things started to go wrong for him and he fell back and left the church for a while and also moved away. 

Just before we went over to Migori, Jack had returned to Migori from Nairobi.  He came to church the first morning I preached there, and I encouraged him to come to the pastor’s conference.  He came faithfully everyday, interpreted at times, took full part, and took on the teachings into his life, including the additional one I did for him and Alfred (Wickliffe’s brother) about the role of an Apostle. I have prayed for Jack for a long while, and seeing him back was a real blessing to me.

Ruth at Hope and Kindness

KENYA  mission Trip,  August 11th – 29th  2009 

Work with the children 

(Hope and Kindness Children’s Home, Kosele)


PHOTO:  Ruth with children from Hope and Kindness


In October 2008 after a recent visit to Kenya,  I had a dream in which the Holy Spirit showed me that I need to put the Keys of the Kingdom, his keys of authority,  into the hands of African people, including the children.  Before I was due to go back to Kenya, I was reminded of this, and I knew the Holy Spirit wanted me to teach the children the same things I teach the adults, but adjusting it to their needs and their level of understanding. 


So, I started to teach the children in Standard 5 & 6 (aged about 10 plus?) for about 1 ½ hours each morning.   The first morning was the most difficult, I felt I was breaking ground that was hard and the children were not used to feeding back information or being active participants, mainly because of teaching styles and culture; but after this initial response, it was much easier and the children were listening and much more responsive; in fact on day 2 and 3 the children were not just listening, but very hungry for more….  many stayed behind after class to receive more prayer and hear more. I asked if anyone wanted to be filled with the Holy Spirit and/or receive the Gifts of the Spirit -   a few put their hands up at first.  I invited those who did not want to, to quietly leave, but not one of them would.  They ALL of them wanted  prayer to be filled with the Holy Spirit, so I laid hands on all of them and prayed for them individually to receive and released the Holy Spirit and gifts to them.  There were some children God’s hand and Spirit was on more than others – they were really hungry for more of God, and some of them I had a word of prophecy for which I shared in a low-key, talking way.


I taught the children about being prayer warriors and spiritual warfare, listening to God, different ways he speaks to us, including the gifts of the Spirit.   I also spoke about the love of God, his compassion for them and loving one another – they were really listening to this!  I spoke about the key of the name of Jesus and how this is important in Spiritual warfare and the authority we have in His name and taught them an old song I used to sing at church and as a child, “In the name of Jesus” …  I also taught them the importance of reading and knowing the Word of God, how it helps us to grow, fight and defend, and sharing the Word with others.  We read and quoted scriptures together. 


Before I went back to teach the children on Thursday morning, I spent some time in prayer, seeking the Father about what to do next with the children.  He showed me a Treasure house/store house with many precious jewels of all colours, shapes and sizes in the storehouse.  Jesus poured these treasures into my hands and he gave me a necklace to wear.  He said, “put them on – be dressed in the white linen and the jewels I give you.  Dress yourself in my treasures and give them away to others.   What these jewels?  Fruits of the Spirit and gifts of the Spirit, salvation, deliverance, healing, everything that I am, is yours, yours to give away.”   He said that I could come and take these jewels, I don’t even have to ask.


I then saw some scales, and the Holy Spirit was weighing the treasure, the jewels; so I asked, “is there a weight limit that I can take?”  He said; “No,  but I will give you the right portions at the right time.”  He then gave me a massive pearl of wisdom, and said; “Before you give away the jewels, look at wisdom, and don’t let people trample on you and on the gifts you give.  Be wise.  Always give faith, hope and love, but be wise.”      


After this I placed the children in his hands, the teaching, people, everything and prayed that I would have words of faith, hope and love in everything I say and do and in every conversation and that I would be a true reflection of my Father.


So from here on, I taught the children about loving others, being a servant and the fruits of the Spirit, and I recapped about God’s voice, including dreams and visions etc and gave them some personal examples.  I recapped on being filled with the Spirit and taught them about speaking in tongues, as  praise and prayer language, and a way of developing their prayer life and intimacy with the Father.  I asked if any wanted this gift?  Again, a few put their hands up at first, but when I invited others to leave, they did not want to go, so I asked them to pray together in small groups and to seek the Holy Spirit.  I managed to pray for them all individually again.  I am not aware if any of them did actually speak in tongues, but I emphasized this was not a problem, they could continue to seek the Lord on their own, and that it is Him they need to seek;  they need to seek Him and spend time with Him individually, getting to know Him on a personal level, then these other things and gifts will come as they spend time in His presence.  The children were so hungry, that when we finished class, a lot of them stayed to hear more and to seek Him more.  I saw passion in their hearts and on their faces!  I literally only had 3  days/mornings with them.   If I had more time with them in teaching and in practical workshops and worship, I think there may have been more of a break through. 


I shared all this with Terry (founder) who was going to ask some others to follow this up when we had left. 


On Friday, the last day with the children, I  went into Nursery class first, (before I carried on the teaching with the older children),  with my Fluffy Dog puppet.  I mostly talked about the unconditional love of the Father for them, telling them a story about the lost sheep,  and teaching them a song, using the puppet.  They seemed to enjoy it very much – I certainly did! 

 Whilst at Kosele, I borrowed a book from Terry by Heidi Baker, called “Compelled by Love”.  This is book was so inspiring and encouraging – I wrote down many quotes from it and will use them as a guideline in ministry!  The book is highly recommended for anyone in any ministry! 

PHOTO BELOW:  Fellow Pastors and leaders from various church denominations


Students and pastors at Christcare

Work with the Pastors

(Pastor’s Conference on Children and Youth Work, at Christcare Centre, Migori)

I was very nervous about teaching pastors – and a conference at that!  There were approximately 50 pastors and students and other visitors in attendance – not all at once and not all one the same day, and most definitely, not on time!  I even invented a new moto:  “The early bird gets the best seat!”

Each morning the pastors led the first bit – with prayer, some worship and a ‘word’ from one of the pastors. 

On Monday, the seminar started very late!  However we proceeded with introductions and background information from myself, Fred, Fiona and our work and involvement with children and youth, who would be sharing this week and asked them to introduce themselves to one another. 

Before I spoke about children, I spoke about being a servant to children, how we need a servant heart in any sort of ministry, with emphasis on loving the children.  I then taught about the principals of childcare, emphasizing the value of children and how Jesus valued children; the importance of play in children’s development; nurturing children, how children learn and learning styles.  Feedback was very encouraging.  There was a lot of questions and God gave me wisdom in answering them.

On Tuesday and Wednesday morning, Fred taught about human development: healing and restoration of the child through Christ, from conception up to late teenage stage, taken from the healing course and book by Frank and Catherine Fabiano, called, “Healing the Past, Releasing your Future.”

Fred taught a very condensed version of a much longer course, and did a great job of patiently going through and explaining each stage of development, one at a time.    The funny thing is, I have been studying the exact same course at home in my own church, so I knew and understood, encourage and support him because I knew exactly where Fred was coming from – is that God or what?!  

PHOTOS BELOW:  Lillian's choir,  practicing     &   Prophetic Walks around the fields and church
Lillian  directing the choir at Christcare

Work with students & Pastors

(School of Ministry, Christcare Centre, Migori)

I was requested to return to teach and speak at the School of Ministry in Migori, on the Keys of the Kingdom; so after prayer, study, preparation, I taught along the same lines as I did the year before, but not in the same order and not the same emphasis;  the Holy Spirit was teaching these students in a different way.  There were approximately 15 students, but also most of the staff members came into class and some of the young people also, some people from other local churches attended, and also some of the students from the previous year came back to class – it was wonderful to see them!  They were so eager!

These students were open and receptive, humble and hungry for the Word of God and eager, with many questions.  They fully participated in the class, demonstrations, group work, discussions and questions/answers etc.  The students were very good at carrying out the tasks/spiritual exercises I asked them to do, in their groups, and they feed back their experiences and how God had met with them and spoken to them during these times. 

We started each session with praise and worship (in Swahili) and prayer – I learned a few songs in Swahili! 

On the first day, Monday, I taught the students the importance of prayer and listening to the Holy Spirit; intimacy,  tongues and interpretation and prophecy, intercession & spiritual warfare, and fasting.  The students learned to overcome their fears and asked many, many questions about this subject.  During this time the students participated in group work, by listening to the Holy Spirit and feeding back what He said to them!  Wow, they were really listening!

The following day, Tuesday,  I taught the students about dreams and visions, angels, The Word of God, integrity and holiness, love and unity with many visual demonstrations that were quite funny, that the students fully participated in.  Their task for this day was to read a passage from the Bible and let the Holy Spirit speak to them through it.  Again, feedback was really good  - the Holy Spirit had been speaking to them as individuals and groups and quite a few of them had visions whilst in prayer, and each group was individual – I knew the Holy Spirit had spoken to them.  In one group of pastors, the Holy Spirit spoke to them through scriptures about tongues, and they reported that they started to pray in tongues.  Wow!

After class on Tuesday, I took the homemade flag I made and brought with me, with a homemade local stick, and did a prophetic walk and pray around the church several times, inside and out, with Fiona (my assistant) and some children, and one of the elders of the church (Jairus), praying and releasing the Holy Spirit and His Kingdom in the church and area. 

On Wednesday, I taught the students and others about the Servant Heart of God and washed some of the student’s feet with Fiona.  This was mainly a demonstration lesson, then I then sent the students off with some Scriptures to read and discuss and pray over, then feedback what they had learned from them.   Good feedback. They got the message.

After this I taught about the five-fold ministry and other gifts and callings, and sent them off into groups again to discuss and pray over their callings and ministry.   I had a few conversations with one or two ladies before they entered their groups, helping them identify their ministry, linking it with what the Lord had shown them previously and what they feel called to now.  From feedback, everyone was able to identify their own personal their gifts and callings. 

Straight after class we had Home Bible Study group in the church….   

On Thursday I taught about the Gift of Faith and Healing and dealing with demonic, with demonstration and much discussion, questions and answers.  Fiona also shared a bit about the faith and so did Fred.  Their contributions were very good and relevant. The students went into groups again, to discuss Faith and feedback.  They really got a lot out of this one!  Feedback was very encouraging.

The season on healing started in the afternoon, was a totally new concept to them; they did not know they could pray and see the sick healed, and those who did, did not know how to do it!  They found the demonstration, questions and answers very helpful, but we ran out of time! 

Ruth and students and pastors on a prayer walk

PHOTO ABOVE:  walking with the flag

On Friday, we walked around the church, proclaiming and releasing again, with the flag, before class (See photo above).   We actually did this several times during the week.    I went back over the healing model we had been learning the day before, going over it step by step, explaining there are many ways to pray, this is just one helpful way, easy way to do it!  I modelled it again, then sent them off into groups to pray for one another and practice what they had learned!

I went with Jan (an English/Spanish visitor and temporary student!) and we had the most powerful time!  Jan had pictures and visions before, but had never spoken them out and had never prayed like this before.  It was so powerful!  God really used her to minister to me and me to her!   I was originally going to walk around the groups encouraging them, but felt I should not, that they needed to learn by trial and era…  so they just got on with it!       Again, feedback was encouraging.  Most of them had learned to listen to, and be led by the Holy Spirit whilst praying for others for healing, and again, some of the pastors had visions whilst praying.  Some students and participants reported feeling well after prayer for healing.

Before lunch we asked if students wanted prayer?  Did they want to be filled with Spirit, receiving Gifts etc?  Yes,  all of them!  It took myself and Fred at least an hour to pray for each one individually, lay hands on them, release the Holy Spirit and gifts, and prophecy or give whatever words the Lord gave us for them.  This is a blessed time!

On Friday afternoon, I gained some more feedback from the students about what they had learned over the week.  They all reported learning a lot.  Some reported learning about listening to the Holy Spirit and prayer, some dreams and visions, some about their callings and gifts, some about being touched by the Holy spirit and healing prayer, some about the Gift of Faith, some about love and servant heart and mostly all,  about learning to pray for the sick.    This helps me to plan, with Holy Spirit guidance, for next year.

PHOTO BELOW:   Fiona and Fred, fellow travellers and minsters

Fiona and Fred in Christcare

Fiona and Fred    

On Wednesday morning, Fred continued with teaching about breaking generational and other curses – the pastors and students then went off into groups to discuss and pray over the issues raised in the course and to pray for one another.    We didn’t get group feedback on this, due to the personal issues this would raise, but had a general feedback on how people got on with this task.  I personally learned that my two teenage boys (who have some difficulties) are both in a developmentally younger age group than their actual age and that I need to treat them and their issues as such, and that I need to apologise to them for anything or any curse I have spoken over them and break off those curses!  I also had a memory of words and curses spoken over me, so the course does bring up issues that God wants to heal!

We had questions and answers, and I then taught about managing children’s behaviour – from a totally different perspective to the Kenyan one!  I have been trained to teach the Positive Parenting Programme, for which you have to have training and be accredited.   I taught the principals of managing behaviour in that, plus some principals and guidelines that I taught registered childminders in England.  I emphasized the need for a positive environment, positive parenting and not using the cain  or beatings as punishment, explaining that the Hebrew word for rod in the old testament meant authority or discipline, not beating!  We had a lot of questions and discussions about this one!      Fred then finished the session, talking and teaching about dysfunctional families!  All in all, we had a good day! 

On Thursday, Fiona shared about her work with children and youth, and she was extremely good; she emphasized the need for love, compassion, positive relationships etc. She was very anointed and has a gift in preaching!

After Fiona spoke, I taught about the categories of child abuse, how to handle it and how to pray for and minister to children who have been abused, and recapped about the caining and positive management styles.  This was not an easy subject, but a necessary one! 

Myself, Fiona and Jairus (an elder of Christcare Centre church) walked around the church and field with the flag again, praying and releasing the power and presence of God; I invited the pastors to join us, explaining what we were doing and why.  After we’d been around 3 times, and they watched us, about 10 or more decided to join us in prayer!  We then all walked and prayed around the field, the crops and football pitch where much soccer evangelism takes place!  Oh I pray they will do this again!  Releasing the Kingdom ofHeaven on their own patches!

Jan fell badly and hurt her big toe.  After a while it started to swell and throb, so she asked me to look at it.  It seemed broken/cracked to me, across the top of her toe.  I bandaged it, then prayed for it!  Jan reported feeling a heat in her toe and feeling a release from pain and throbbing!  The swelling also went down.

On Friday, we started late again!  I taught about ministering to sick children and traumatized children, teaching them how to pray for the sick (most pastors were not there the week before) and to pray for inner healing for the emotionally and spiritually damaged child (and adult). 

In the morning the Lord spoke to me about the pastors and their churches.  I had a similar vision not long before I went to Kenya, about jigsaw puzzle pieces: the pictures on the pieces were individual and did not make a whole picture (each church had it’s own unique style, own revelation, and own understanding about Christ and his church).  When you tried to fit the pieces together, they did not fit and the picture was disjointed, until you looked closer and deeper.  When you looked deeper you could see the face of the Jesus behind the picture.  The Holy Spirit said that love and unity will make the pieces fit together – that his face would be seen clearly and his kingdom.

I also shared the prophecy I had before I went to Kenya about rain – rain falling on Kenya when people called out to him in prayer.  Before I left, I did not fully realize or understand about the drought in Kenya, until I got there.  This prophetic message had a double meaning – not just spiritual rain but actual rain!  When I arrived in Kenya and heard how bad the problem was, I emailed people and asked them to pray for rain.  Just as I left Kosele to go to Migori the rains started – very heavily in Mirogri, so heavy that we could not get our car up the muddy, stoney road!  God sent the rain and it rained every day we were there!  Bless him.  So I shared this with the pastors and  the spiritual rain that He wanted to release over Kenya and over them and their ministries. 

I then asked the pastors and students to go into small groups and go and release and bless one another’s ministry in prayer.  This was another powerful time; then Fiona and I sang a song about unity to them, based on Psalm 133:  “there is a place of commanded blessing, where brethren in unity dwell….   We will break dividing walls, in the name of your son.”  They joined us in the singing! 

After this we had our formal thanks, speeches, goodbyes and prayers; followed by lunch and shaking hands!    These pastors were so humble, eager and such a blessing!  I would not hesitate to speak to them again.

PHOTO BELOW:  Community. rural farming at Christcare, Migori

Christcare Migori students

Work within the church/community

(Christcare Centre/church, Migori)

On my first Sunday in Migori I was asked to preach in the main service and to pray for people, the sick etc.  So I preached about Blindness (spiritual and physical)  and leprosy, (relating leprosy to AIDS and sin or any sickness), taking the reading from Matthew 9:27-30 and Matthew 8: 1-4; At the end I asked if people wanted prayer for healing? Or any other kind of prayer?  Lots and lots of people came out for prayer; I did not have enough hands!  I asked Fred to help me lay hands and pray for people, and I asked Fiona.  I prayed for many, many things, people and situations, from learning difficulties at school, to problems within families to chest problems and eye problems etc.  and some just wanted more of God and to be filled with the Holy Spirit.  I had personal words of knowledge and prophecy for many of them.  Many were touched by the Holy Spirit, some falling over etc, some cried, some shouted, some shook, all were touched by the Lord, but I did not know the results!  I do not know who was healed and who was not!  But the Lord knows! 

On Wednesday night, straight after School of Ministry, I was asked to preach at a joint Home Bible Study group, in the church.  I spoke on Touch incorporating the story of Jairus’ daughter and the women with the issue of blood; how when Jesus touches us, things change; disease and sickness leaves etc, then invited people for prayer.  A few people came (there were not many in attendance at this meeting) who asked for prayer for healing; eyes and ears, a broken arm, and chest problems.  Again, I do not know the results – Jesus does!

The following Saturday, I did not have to teach!  My day off I thought!  Wrong!  We had a time of worship and I prayed for and laid hands on Fiona and Jan.  Fiona went very quiet and thoughtful, she seemed lost in the Spirit; and Jan was really receiving; the Holy Spirit was touching her deeply. 

After this, myself and Fiona went with Wickcliffe’s wife, Lillian, to pray for a little girl, aged 8, with HIV AIDS, called Paris.  When I heard who she was orphaned, now lives with her extended family who do not want her, they want her to die, and refuse to cuddle or comfort her because they think they will also get Aids, and they also refuse to give her medicine; my heart went out to her.  Lillian, bless her, sticks her neck out and goes to get the medicine and gives it to her everyday, and also cuddles her. 

We went to her house to pray for her, and the little girl was so frightened, so ran off and hid.  She was 8 years old, so thin, and had the body of a little child of about 4 years old.  Eventually she was coaxed back into the house and sat down on the settee.  Through Lillian interpreting, I explained we came to pray for her and tell her how much God loves her.  I sat next to her, put my arms around her and held her, and broke the sickness, cursed the sickness, and prayed in God’s healing.  She had her head on my shoulder.   I just felt God’s heart for her, his love for her, how he wanted to hold her and tell her he loved her.  When we left, my heart was so touched by this little girl – I never forgot her, when I got back, I cried and prayed for her again; oh Father, heal this little girl, she needs your love, she needs you so much, she has nothing but you.  I do not know if she is healed yet.  I will continue to pray for her, and never forget her.

Wickcliffe asked myself and Fiona to come and pray for a family with him.  He then explained it was a baby dedication, in the home, and he wanted me to pray for the baby and bless the baby, and for Fiona to pray for the home and bless the home.  So we went.  We were there about 2 or more hours, because we had to go through the service, dedication, then eat, then socialize, then eat again and socialize, then we could be released to go back.

In the meantime, my expected visitor, my spiritual son Eric had arrived to see me!  It was so good to see him and hear about all the good things the Lord has been doing in his life: amazing miracles and healings, and doors opening for him.  He wants to go back and do another YWAM school – the bible study school.  He asked me to pray for him and speak any words the Lord gives me for him.  So I prayed for him, and the Lord confirmed his calling, and I had a word about building – building layer upon layer with Jesus, and him being the cornerstone, and not trying to go ahead and build without him, but to build alongside Him.  I also felt I needed to talk to him about being in the fire, dying to self, persecution, and being a servant of all; we looked at 1 Corinthians 2, and 4, looking at the work of an Apostle (Eric’s calling).

We said our ‘goodbyes’ and sadly I will not see Eric for some time now, maybe another year. At the end of the week I text him, regarding an issue about ministering with another person we both knew.  Thankfully he heeded the warning and will not minister with him again.  

On Sunday I was expected to preach again, so I spoke on the woman caught in adultery, from John 8:1-11, about judgment, condemnation, and the mercy and forgiveness of God.  I also shared the vision I had about Rivers, and how we need to get in the river to receive what the Lord has for us.  So I called people forth to receive, and a few people came; a lady who wanted the Holy Spirit to guide her, Wickcliffe’s mum, problem with her throat and swallowing and a man who had problems with his eyes and ears.  I prayed.  I do not know the results! 

Wickcliffe also asked us to pray for him in on the Monday, before I began to teach at the Pastor’s conference; he had problems with his ears, and for his brother Alphonse, who was doubled over in pain in his back.  We prayed for them both.  The Holy Spirit was really on his brother.  He did not receive immediate release, but the following day he was walking about much better, the day after that even better, with a smile on his face.  He was taken to the hospital after we prayed for him – they could find nothing wrong and just gave him pain killers.  I think this was an instance where Jesus did heal.  Painkillers cannot heal, only God can!

PHOTO BELOW:   Lillian,   Pastor and Founder (with Wickcliffe, her husband) at Christcare Centre, Migori.

Lillian,  pastor at Christcare

Spiritual warfare and difficulties

Our warfare was more internal than external!  Within our own team we experienced a few minor relationship difficulties and spiritual problems that we needed to address.  On several occasions, when it looked like team members were going to leave, I spent time in intercessory prayer, binding up the power of the enemy who had come to cause division, disruption and sabotage of the work of the Holy Spirit.  I also asked others to pray, but did not divulge the intricate details!  I had to humble myself and ask for forgiveness for things I’d said, and try hard not to repeat my mistakes….  I also needed to lift team members up in prayer so that the enemy did not overwhelm them with despair.  Thankfully, God came through and team members pulled together and stayed together, and prayed together!  We all learned through the experience! 

Other issues included travel.  Our internal flight on the way into Kenya was cancelled due to an airline strike – the airline we’d booked with!  We spent ages waiting, and finally we were transferred to a different airline.  On the way back home, the same airline tried to refuse me a seat on the plane, although I had pre-booked and pre-paid!  Fred came back to the airport (after dropping me off) at exactly the right time and sorted out the problem.  We had long journeys, but they were safe ones! 

After praying for rain, and the rain appearing in a flash lightening storm (that in itself was a miracle), our car was stuck down the muddy, stony road and would not move.  Along came around 12-15 Quaker friends after a meeting, and they pushed our car up the road, out of the mud, in the pouring rain!  Bless them. 

I had some issues of nervousness regarding teaching the pastors and feeling inadequate,  and after some minor upsets between us, I just cried.  I cried out to the Lord, and started to worship, and he lifted me up, filled me and enabled me to carry on and do the work he’d called me to do!  Although I loved it there, I was also missing people very much, so it was not an easy two weeks. 

We were mainly well physically speaking.  I had swollen ankles at Hope and Kindness, due to the heat, but this did go down after prayer and raised feet all night!  I had tummy upsets nearly every day however whilst at Migori, probably due to the water the food was cooked in.  The food, cooked by Lilian,  was absolutely wonderful!  It was just the water my stomach didn’t like!  Everyday I needed to take something to settle my stomach – this seemed to work, and I was able to get on with the teaching and ministry. 

Missions Africa map picture



DAY 1 – 24.10.08

Linda and I flew from London, Heathrow Airport on 24.10.08. It was a long, but direct flight. We arrived in Nairobi at about 9.00 pm, went through customs etc and was met by Sam, from Rusam Villa. We stayed overnight and he took us to the airport in the morning for our flight out to Kisumo. There was some confusion over which airport (ie Wilson or main one in Nairobi) and some confusion over where and when we would meet Wickcliffe, with texts being sent back and forth, and lots of prayers sent up - eventually we all met! What a relief!

At the airport I chatted with Wickcliffe about what he wanted me to do in the School of Ministry, and I told him what I had planned to share – he was happy about it all and open about what I should teach and do, saying I should do what God has told me to do.

After our short flight over Lake Victoria (and Wickcliffe’s first experience of flying!) we were met by Wickcliffe’s wife, Lillian, and a hired car/taxi, to take us to Suna-Migori. We stopped at Kissi to go shopping at Nakumatt Supermarket, and the whole journey took a further 3 hours before we reached out destination, at Christcare Centre.

On arrival, we were shown our rooms, we unpacked and slept. We had some eggs and bread for lunch/tea (about 4 pm). I chatted with Wickcliffe and Lillian during the evening about the church and other concerns (he asked me to preach on Sunday morning – good job I had some idea and some notes prepared!) then I went to bed with a pounding headache – I could not eat the evening meal due to feeling unwell (stomach upset, bad head etc) so I went to bed. I had a ‘funny’ night. I tossed and turned for ages, thinking about the next day and what I would be sharing in church, and my head and stomach were still tender. I eventually slept, but woke at about 3 am. I heard a Cockerel and I could hear people’s voices and thought I had to get up! I went outside, across to the toilet, and it was pitch black, so I took my torch. I heard something close to me – someone humming a tune – a distinctly African tune – very strange to hear this in the night – then returned to bed. This disturbed me a bit – I prayed for protection and health for both Linda and myself.

Inside Christcare Centre, Migori

DAY 2 – Sunday 25th October - first church attendance!

PHOTO:  Picture of the church (and it’s decorations) from inside!

I woke early about 7 am, washed and dressed. I felt much better. My stomach was still a little bit sore, so I took some Imodium and it sorted me out. I went over my notes for this morning’s message about people of faith : The Roman Centurion and Blind Bartimaeus, and had some breakfast (bread and tea) then Linda and I prayed for each other – boldness for me and health for Linda.

We attended the church service and I spoke on the above, and God gave me boldness! A new boldness I have not known before - and even with the interpretation, it worked out well – it actually gave me breathing and thinking space. When I finished speaking, the church prayed in response to the message, but I felt the Holy Spirit nudging me to say that myself and Linda should pray for the sick, so I told Lillian and she told the church members. Slowly, one by one, people came forward for prayer – maybe 20 or less? We spoke to and laid hands on each one. Some came forward, received prayer then sat back down; then others came forward for prayer, reporting problems with their head, chest, legs and hands, etc. We prayed that God would release his Holy Spirit and his healing on people and we spoke to the sickness and told it to leave.

After we prayed for each person, I asked them ‘what was happening?’ Or ‘how are they now feeling?’ and some reported a sense of relief or a feeling of heat in the area prayed for (the student with a stomach upset), and a lady who had problems with pain in her hands and legs, said she felt tingling, like a shock, going up her hand and into her arm. Another man had some pain in his head, and after prayer, reported he was feeling better. One lady came in proxy for her mother who had chest problems. So we laid hands on her, released healing to her mother (we sent a word of healing, as Jesus did with the Roman Centurian’s son). Linda encouraged her to go and lay hands on her mother and pray for her.

We had ‘Words of Knowledge’ or ‘prophecy’ or encouragement for each of them, and I encouraged them to believe and receive their healing, and it would shortly come to pass. I distinctly remember saying to one older gentleman (one of the students in the School of Ministry) who came forward for prayer for his back, that in 3 days he would have release from pain and would be healed. I checked with him 3 days later, and he was very happy that his back was now pain free and he was feeling stronger. Later in the week, other students who had come forward for prayer reported healings from this meeting. One or two young men came forward because they wanted to be filled with the Spirit, so we prayed for God’s anointing and power to be released upon them and in them; for one of them I prayed that he would have a heart like David’s – whose heart was sold out for God.

The funny thing was that I felt nothing whilst praying for people – I just knew I had authority to pray for the sick and was obedient to the Holy Spirit when he told me to offer prayer – but I also believed that God would complete healing and recovery in every person who was prayed for.

In the afternoon we rested, went through the notes, marking scriptures for tomorrow’s School of Ministry, then we prayed. We had concern for the Widows (who attend the tailoring class) that would be attending the teaching this week in the School of Ministry, and the relevance this teaching would have for them. We were concerned that they might need more support and encouragement than the students who normally attended the School of Ministry – our hearts went out to them and we prayed in tongues and in English with tears for them.

Linda had a picture of the ‘keys of the kingdom’ and said that that this teaching about the keys will unlock the doors of prisons. This really blessed and encouraged me, because yesterday, I wrote on my notes “they keys unlock the doors” and this was the introduction to the teaching for the whole week. I also prayed that God would give us both his gifts of the Spirit – gifts of prophecy, knowledge and wisdom etc, so that we may speak God’s Word directly into the hearts of people and see release and blessing poured out in their lives.

We went over to see Lillian about the chalk for the board for tomorrow and she brought us some food. We also had some children come into our room and we were playing with them and the puppets we had brought over. They seemed fascinated by them. Linda and I also talked about the puppet sketches and stories and songs we could teach the children next week – but we needed to speak to the teachers first and needed an interpreter. Fred (from YWAM in Nairobi) was scheduled to come over next week so he could help us with the children’s games and the interpreting of stories and songs and puppet sketches etc.

Keys of the kingdom of Heaven

DAY 3 – Mon 27th Oct 08 - First day in School of Ministry!

I woke very early and very tired, due to the noisy boys in the dorm next door! I also had another frightening dream about a ghost and Debbie (a lady who used to attend our church fellowship). In this dream the ghost followed her around and she wanted me to sort this out and drive the ghost away – but in my dream I was very reticent or reluctant about this – not knowing if she was genuine or attention seeking. I woke with a ‘start’ and then just prayed for the Holy Spirit to protect and anoint me. I saw myself kneeling down before the Lord and oil being poured over my head. When I woke properly, I prayed for strength because I was so tired, and Linda also prayed for strength for me – and you know what? God did it! I wasn’t tired and I got through the day without faltering and fighting tiredness (usually tiredness would over-whelm me and it would end in a migraine).

At the school of Ministry I did the introduction about the 7 keys to walking in the Holy Spirit, explained them and how they all linked together etc. then I spoke about the first key – relationship and prayer, incorporating warfare prayer and tongues, prayer and fasting and intercession – all in one morning! I didn’t think I would get through this so quickly! Jack, a student who interpreted, gave me some suggestions for the afternoon (after lunch), so the students broke into 4 groups to discuss one area of prayer each that we covered in the morning, then feedback to the whole group, which they did, but these students liked to preach rather than stick to the subject! However they did well, and they did not really know me well or what I expected.

Jack said each group should be awarded points (they were competitive) after feedback. I was very reluctant to do this, because I felt that each contribution was valid, however, after hearing the feedback I felt I could do this fairly – I awarded 10 out of 10 to the first group (Relationship prayer) for getting to the heart of the matter; 10 out of 10 to the second group (warfare prayer) for their solid understanding of the subject; 10 out of 10 to the third group (prayer and fasting) for wisdom in their answers to other students questions; and 10 out of 10 to the fourth group (intercessory prayer) for their original examples from the bible that I did not give and application of their understanding. Before the students finished for the day, I asked them to do some homework – read any piece of scripture, but ask the Holy Spirit to speak to them through it – then share it tomorrow.

After I had finished teaching that day, I found it hard to know what the students had actually learned and what they already knew (so I later asked Lillian to find out for me); so I left this to God, however the feedback from the groups suggested that they did understand and learn something new. Jack (later in the week) said I went into the subjects deeper giving more insight and understanding, citing intercession as an example. They had touched on these subjects with other teachers, but didn’t go as deep. Linda said my eyes shone whilst I was teaching this morning – I thought she was joking, but she wasn’t – so that must have been God’s light shining through me!

After the School of Ministry, we both rested a while and ate, then spend the evening preparing for the next day – for key no 2. I woke in the early hours of the morning again – I heard someone call my name. I don’t know if I was dreaming or not, but it sounded like an audible voice and I woke up. I prayed and asked if it was God calling me, spoke to him and He to me, then went back to sleep.

Christcare Centre,  Migori

PHOTO:   School of Ministry students (around 20)

DAY 4 – Tuesday 28th October 08

We had breakfast then prayed for each other. We went up the church to start day 2 of the School of the Ministry, and key no 2 – The Word of God (written and Rhema) and the name of Jesus. Linda also shared how the Word of God had helped and guided her in her life – this was very powerful.

The first half went well, then I broke the students into groups to discuss the scriptures they had read and how God had spoken to them through them, for feedback after lunch. Feedback was interesting – instead of stating what the group had discussed each person presenting for the group either gave a testimony or preached or both. I found it frustrating because it wasn’t what I wanted – I wanted to know if they had heard from God through the scriptures! And each person needed a time limit! However, when they had all finished, I summarized how God had been speaking to them through scripture and how it related to what I had been teaching earlier, eg that scriptures helped some to be saved/convicted of sin, some to grow, and how God’s Word had been illuminated to some, and how some had used the Word of God to share with others. I also related it to something Linda had shared during the session concerning her life and how God had spoken to her.

During the break Linda and myself started to get to know some of the widows attending the School of Ministry, especially Mary, the teacher. I also asked the man who asked for prayer for healing for his back (last Sunday), how his back was? (He was the one I had a Word for, about it being healed in 3 days). He told me he was very happy because his back was no longer in pain and he was much stronger. Praise God.

The second half (after feedback) I taught key no 3, Holiness and Integrity – a very important subject for future leaders. I found it a little bit difficult to bring this word, because it contained strong warnings etc, however, it went well and the examples went down well and Linda said it did not come across in a bad way.

We had lunch and I had a run-in with a cow in the field who was tied to the tree outside the toilets and blocked my entrance and exit to the toilet! After lunch I taught more about holiness and 5 building blocks to holiness – I used 5 bricks as a demonstration of the 5 blocks. This seemed to work well, but I didn’t have the groups again as planned, due to time limitations and the feedback (style) from this morning, so I asked the whole group questions instead – this was a bit difficult for them due to language and cultural problems, but some gave some answers, and generally the whole day went well – and we ended with live worship – the last building block.

After the School of Ministry, Linda and had our late cooked lunch, we talked then slept or rested. Later Linda had her hair platted the African way – I took photos and a video shot of this (but cannot now find them!) Later, and after dinner, Linda went to bed and I sorted out the notes and scriptures for the following day. I needed some items for some demonstrations eg string, good and bad fruit, a bowl, water and towel etc. I felt excited about the following day!

PHOTO BELOW:   One of the cows we shared the week with…… this cow kept me trapped in the Latrine,  so I had to call for help!

Christcare outside area
Ruth teaching in Christcare Centre, Migori

DAY 5 – Wednesday 29th October, 08

Photo:  Ruth teaching in the School of Ministry

I needed to do all 3 keys today so that we would have Thursday and Friday to complete key no 7 in two parts, because these parts are quite lengthy and in depth.

Today I was teaching key no 4 – Love and Unity, key no 5, The fruit of the Spirit, and key no 6 – A servant heart with lots of demonstrations on all the above subjects eg tying people together and asking them to go in different directions, handing out good and bad fruit for people to eat, and comparing it to how bad or good fruit tastes and smells in our life to other people, dressing some people up with labels on them, and taking these labels off them, comparing it to scriptures where it tells us to TAKE OFF the old life and PUT ON on the new life… I also dressed up one lady (Mary) in the armour of God … a cap, coat, a stick, belt and bible! It did look funny, but again, it was effective. Lastly I used a bowl of water, soap and towel then washed some of the students feet, saying nothing – then I divided them into groups to look at scriptures about being a servant, and asked them to discuss it.

I managed to do all the above keys and all the demonstrations went well with students laughing at times – but the demonstrations also brought home the message clearly. At the end of the session Mary (Widow/teacher) brought a friend (Elizabeth, another widow) with her for prayer. She was obviously depressed and anxious. She asked us to pray for her son who had received a dog bite from a ‘bad dog’. She had taken her son the clinic for injections etc but I think she said she could not pay for them, but she had to take him back to the clinic the following day. We prayed for her and her son… then gently counselled her that God really loved her and her son, that He would hear her prayers and answer her. I believed and spoke out, that her son would be well, and asked Mary to keep us informed about his progress. (I kept a check over the following days on how Elizabeth’s son was doing, and she reported that he was well).

Jack invited Linda and myself to Home bible study group, starting at 4 pm, so we went. I heard from Jack and Marion later (on the way) that it is hard for pastors to be servants… they like to have position and pastors of big churches have body guards. The message, unknown to me was VERY RELEVANT to them. Jack said that the students will think that someone had told me about their problems… I assured them that no one had, but the Holy Spirit did show me that it is KEY in ministry and I must bring the message here … Marion said that the Holy Spirit had shown me.

The Home bible study group was interesting. We met in a small house made from mud, which contained 2 coffee tables, and wooden chairs around it for the visitors to the group. They made us very welcome. We worshipped in English and Swahili and prayed, we then had a sermon/message Jack and Eric interpreted. We shared a little around the group, prayed again, then had hot sweet tea! They asked me to close in prayer, so I did, then we said our goodbyes and left. During the meeting, I looked over at Jack and Eric, and I saw the word ‘Apostle’ written over them both, and I knew God was telling me that they will both have the ministry of an Apostle.

After the group, Lyn and slept/rested and I woke to prepare for the following day. Dinner was rice and chicken today, so we ate, then we prepared the scriptures and ideas for the following day. We planned for Linda to share her experiences of ministry and any experiences of using the gifts of the Spirit, and I planned that people form small groups to discuss and pray about their own ministry calling. I planned to share about gifts of power, ie faith, miracles and healing with a demonstration of how to pray for the sick, and ask the students to ‘practice’ praying for the sick in their groups. This was a big step of faith for me (and Linda) so again I prayed quietly about this, that God would come and show his power to the students – show them that his gifts and power are real and for today, and that they can be used in them, and that they can pray for the sick and they will recover.

PHOTO  BELOW:   A student giving feedback from their group work,  with an interpreter

Two students from Christcare Centre,  interpreting

DAY 6 – Thursday 30th October, 08

I had a very upset stomach in the night and early morning! So again, I prayed and Linda prayed for my healing. And God was faithful and true! The whole session, on Key no 7 (ministry gifts/calling and gifts of power) went very well including the 5 step healing model. They all seemed open to hear and receive – I could tell by the looks on their faces, nods of heads and words of agreement etc. I was also able to share my own experiences, and Linda was able to share the types of ministry she had been involved in. This part went well including Linda’s contribution, which was also very meaningful for the Widows in the class.

I sent the students into groups to discuss and pray about their own ministry calling, and I went around them to get feedback (mainly from the women and 2 male students). This was very encouraging because they could all say what ministry God was calling them into, or already using them in, eg helping the poor, visiting the sick, sharing property, working with women’s groups, working with children, counselling and encouragement etc. I also spoke with Lillian about what was shared in her group and she told me that they had discussed this and one felt he was a pastor/evangelist and another had a gift of prophecy that was being restored, after a time of backsliding. It was encouraging that people knew or were discovering their roles and ministries.

I also spoke to Jack and Eric abut different ministry roles and how these may overlap, and tried to clarify this for them, and tried to clarify and distinguish between ministry roles and the gifts of the Spirit… then Linda prompted me to tell them what the Holy Spirit had shown me about them the night before. To Eric, this was a confirmation of what he already knew and what other people had said, but to Jack, it was a bit confusing, because we had already told him that we recognized his own teaching skills and ability, and someone else had said he is an evangelist. Linda and I encouraged him to pray and seek God more for himself, because prophecy needs to confirm what he already knows or what God has been showing him.

PHOTO BELOW:  Jack and Eric – 2 students in the School of Ministry,  also interpreters!

Two interpreters from Christcare

After lunch, the 5 step healing model went well. We modelled and explained the process, with Linda as my model. They received it well and asked me questions. Before the students practiced the model, I asked those who had asked for healing on the previous Sunday, to stand up. About 8 stood up. I asked each one individually what they asked for prayer for and what happened. One by one they explained how God had healed them… some felt a heat, some a sense of release, like something had been take off them, some felt tingling, some felt the Holy Spirit flowing through them, so I was able to use their experience as examples of what may happen when someone is being healed (signs), relating it to the 5 step model.

I then asked them to ‘have a go’ at practing the model and praying for someone who is sick in their own groups (or just practicing the model), so they off to their groups to ‘have a go.’ I asked some women, Jack and Eric to join up to make a group and modelled it again, with Linda as the model and Mary and Eric praying. I also went around to the other groups to check how they were doing… they said they had had a go…. I encouraged them and said it didn’t matter if they made mistakes… it’s the power of God that matters, not us. I then called everyone together and asked them how they got on.

One man came forward with his model, and he tried very hard to demonstrate what they had done, or what he understood… so we had a real live candidate who needed healing…. Through this, I was able to demonstrate the model again, because the student needed some more practice and guidance. The candidate (Solomon) had been in accident and had 3 fingers severed and had chest pain, where his chest was crushed. So I went through the steps again, showing the students how the Holy Spirit was coming on him and the signs (fluttering eyelashes in his case), praying for him and releasing God’s healing power, then asking him (candidate) how he was doing? He reported he had felt heat in his chest area… I then had a small prophecy for him… and explained that I was listening to the Holy Spirit…. So the students seemed to see and understand, and were excited and receptive.

After the whole teaching session, we rested then had tea, and Lillian came over to talk with Marion. Eric dropped by to ask about this feeling of heat he sometimes has in his hands when he feels a prompt to pray for someone. I said it was anointing for healing… go and lay hands on them! Eric also said he felt pain and dis-ease in certain parts of his body. I explained that this was the gift of discernment or knowledge, and how this gift works together with healing sometimes. I loaned him a book about the gifts of the Spirit, which he took and read quite quickly. Eric also said he felt that the word I gave him (from scripture – Isa 45:2-3, and Isa 43:1-3), has had an impact on his life and that I have a share in his future ministry…. (bless him!)

PHOTO BELOW:   children bringing the lunch (Ugali)  for the students in the School of Ministry and the widows.

Two children from the school at Christcare, bringing food for students
Ruth teaching at Christcare Centre

DAY 7 – Friday 31st October, 2008

PHOTO:    Linda reading and sharing her testimony

Our last day in the School of Ministry! (only half a day due to tomorrow’s preparations for graduation). We are still on key no 7 – Gifts of the Spirit (gifts of Communication and revelation). Whilst praying with Linda before this morning’s teaching, God showed me to pray for the whole group, then with each one individually, who wanted to be filled with the Spirit and receive the gifts of the Spirit.

The teaching went well, and after break, I did a summary of the 7 keys we had been looking at over the week and Linda then shared a message from God about the reason why they are there…. it was so good and so encouraging.

So after teaching about the gifts of the Spirit, I asked if they wanted to be filled with the Spirit and receive the gifts of the Spirit. They all put their hands up. So Linda and I prayed for each person individually, that the Holy Spirit would be imparted to each person and gifts (naming some individual gifts). We also had words of prophecy or words of knowledge for most of the individuals there eg for Nathan (an older student) that God was making him a father of fathers… for Jack and others, that God had put the keys of the kingdom in their hands, to use with his authority etc. We felt so privileged to share the week with them. Some of the students gave testimonies of how God had touched them this week. It was so good for all of us. God was faithful and good and ministered to everyone.

After lunch we rested a while and the man who runs the soccer team came to see us to ask us to go down to the football field and talk and share the gospel with the soccer team, after the game. So we are going down tomorrow, after the graduation service. Linda has prepared a message.

Wickcliffe came over to see us and invited us back next year, and asked if we could help raise awareness of their needs, so we asked him to put together a portfolio about the children and their needs, and send it to us via email. Wickcliffe also asked me to give out the certificates to the students, and say a word of encouragement and commissioning (I wondered how I was meant to do this? It’s was new to me!)

Ruth and Eric at Christcare

Saturday 1st November, 2008 Graduation Day!

PHOTO:  Linda,  Eric (student & interpreter) and Ruth

After breakfast we went up to the church for the graduation service at the stated time (9 am) but no-one arrived, and thinking ‘African time’ we decided to go back to our rooms until we were notified that we needed to be there! The service eventually started around 11 am and lasted until about 2.30 pm. The chair hurt my back! I was asked to give a ‘word of encouragement’ and to ‘commission’ the students – which I did – I just gave a very short word, reflecting on the previous week and the student’s receptivity, and how God has put the keys of the kingdom in their hands for them to use and how God has commissioned them, etc… I also gave out the certificates after Wickcliffe spoke, and had many photos taken with the students both during the service and afterwards …. But they have the photos not me!

Some students were upset with their grades and did not understand them, but I had to point them back to Wickcliffe, because I did not award the grades… I encouraged them that the grades do not matter, what matters is that they completed and passed the course and they have been commissioned by God and GO and preach the gospel, heal the sick etc etc. and besides this, the Apostles never got a certificate!

After dinner and slept, Jack and Eric accompanied Linda and myself down to the football field so we could share a message with the team. So after the game, Linda shared a gospel message on the football field in the semi-dark!

In the evening, when Linda had gone to bed, I reflected on how God had given me more confidence and boldness to speak and minister and pray for others in a way I have never had before, and more confidence and boldness in the gifts of the Spirit. Linda was also very confident and powerful in sharing her testimony and in praying for people also.

Choir at Christcare Centre

Sunday 2nd November 2008

PHOTO:  Christcare Choir performing at church

Linda and myself were back in church, trying to follow what was going on. I was asked to preach again, so I shared about Lazarus, and ‘taking away the stone’ from our hearts – and used some bricks I had found outside the church for demonstration purposes, and I also talked about taking off the grave clothes – and linked it to us taking off our grave clothes and not being bound. Again, I gave an invitation for prayer…. And some people came forward for prayer for themselves and for their loved ones. Linda and I prayed for each one individually, laying on hands.

In the afternoon and evening, we relaxed but also made plans about stories, songs and puppetry we would be doing with the children. In the early evening, we did the puppet show of the girl and heart and prodigal son for the children (orphans) who live at Christcare Centre, then got them involved in making banners about God’s love for them, to put up in their rooms/dorms etc, reminding them of his unending love for them.

Children from the pre-school at Christcare Centre


PHOTO:   Picture of some of the pre-school children – desperate to get into the church to see us – they burst through the doors every morning when we were there to work with them!

Monday 3rd November, 2008

We spend the morning in the pre-school, as planned. Linda and myself did a short puppet show about a girl who wanted love (heart) not all the other gifts on offer, then followed it up with the story of the prodigal son, with the puppet miming the story (as we did with the orphans Sunday evening). Fred interpreted the story for us. We taught the children the song, “I am by beloved’s and he is mine, and His banner over me is love” – this was quite difficult, due to language difficulties. We then split the children (all 60 of them) into small groups to make banners about God’s love for them – to put up on their classroom walls, to remind them that God’s banner over them is love – ALWAYS. We then outside with Fred, to play some ring games and parachute games with the children – Fred led this part due to language barriers – and he is well trained and excellent at communicating with children and enabling them to participate and have fun.

In the late afternoon, we visited the ladies / widows in the tailoring class, just to introduce ourselves etc, but they were expecting a ‘word of encouragement’ so I said I would bring one tomorrow. In the evening Linda, myself and Fred went over to the children living at Christcare, and did some games and songs with them, followed by finishing off their craft – banners for about 1-2 hours.

Tuesday 4th November, 2008

We went back to the school, but after morning break, as requested by their teachers. We did not need to use the curtain and hand puppets, we just used the dog puppet, Fluffy, leading into the story of the Lost Sheep. Before this however, we had all the children outside, looking for ‘lost sheep’ (paper ones of course!) We sang our song about God’s banner and continued with the outdoor, ring games outside – the children really looked forward to this, and really enjoyed themselves.

In the afternoon, Linda and myself went over to the ladies/widows to encourage them and share the Word with them. Linda shared a word about the Way, the truth, the life, and I shared one about Mary and Martha and sitting at the feet of Jesus etc, then asked if there were any questions or if anyone wanted prayer. One lady, Helen, stood up and asked for prayer for healing. We did not really understand what was wrong, but she said she felt very weak and ill, and found it hard to walk to work (tailoring class) today. So Linda and I sat her down on a chair, and laid hands on her and prayed for her healing. We also counselled and prayed for another lady who was feeling depressed and worried about the sickness of members of her family.

In the evening, Fred led some indoor games with the children who live at the Centre, and we brought over the craft materials for the children to make their own puppets. I did not feel well in the late evening / very early hours of the morning… I had a migraine, feeling sick etc.. I heard music and talking from next door (boys dorm) but eventually it cleared.

Women's sewing ministry at Christcare

Wednesday 5th November, 2008

PHOTO:   some of the widows we worked with – they are in attendance at the School of Ministry here, for the last week of the school.

Today we heard over the radio, that ‘Obana’ had won the American presidential election. All the Kenyans were rejoicing, especially in Kisumo. Obana is half Kenyan, and his grandparents/family live in Kisumo – so tomorrow, Thursday, is going to be a national holiday.

Today at the School, we did the story of the Wise Man who built his house upon the rock. Linda handled the dog puppet, who had been making his kennel with wood etc and shared it with his friend whose kennel had fallen down in the bad weather…. which led into the story. We sang our Banner song, and told the children that we would like to lay hands on everyone, individually, and bless them. We explained what we would do, and asked them if they would like us to do this? 

Everyone put their hands up.   So between us (myself, Linda, Fred, and eventually, Jack) we laid hands on every single child, plus the two teachers. We each had 2 rows of children, but Linda’s 2 rows kept moving about, so they could come back to the beginning of the row for more prayer! My rows were quite, and unsure of what was happening! After this, we played some ring games (outside) with the children and some parachute games.

In the late afternoon, we went back to see the widows, and I asked Helen how she was feeling after we prayed for her yesterday? She was excited, and explained to us (through an interpreter) that whilst she was on her walking on her way home, she suddenly felt strength enter her body , and she is now feeling well and strong! Praise God! I also asked Elizabeth how she was? She was feeling much encouraged and had taken the words I said to heart and will let them guider her and encourage her.

Linda shared her testimony about her ex-husband and bringing up her daughter on her own, and a scripture from Isaiah 54 which was very powerful, appropriate and touching – the women really listened. Instead of sharing what I was going to share (the women with the Alabaster box) I shared from Psalm 91 (which I was reading this morning in prayers/quite time) about God being our refuge and strength. When we had finished sharing, Helen, Elizabeth and others gave testimony and thanks. We prayed for Mary, privately, outside about her eyes (painful, sore etc) and for her future plans… she wanted a diploma in teaching etc.

In the evening the children (boys in particular) did not come back until later, so we did not play any games etc with them due to the darkness and lateness and plain tiredness! We did plan to play some parachute games with them in the morning however, before we left for Kosele, because they would not be at school due to the declaration of a national holiday on Thursday! After dinner, Linda, Fred and myself chatted for hours about supporting certain ministries, integrity and accountability, prioritizing certain issues and areas of need, and the need for wisdom in giving.

Picture of Aunty DEEDEE (Linda!) with Grace – Wickcliffe’s daughter.  Linda was nick-named Aunty DEEDEE because she taught Grace to sing DEE DEE DEE DEE hitting a plastic bottle with a brush – and in good rhythm too!

Linda and Gracie, from Christcare
Children from Hope & Kindness

Thursday 6th November, 2008

PHOTO:  Children & staff from Hope and Kindness, Kosele

I slept well last night because I was so tired, and I was also excited about seeing the children at Hope and Kindness, based in Kosele.  I had spent two weeks working with these children on previous mission trips, back in 2007 and previous to that in 2005.   

We packed our cases, and also managed to play some games with the children at the Centre before we left (as we discussed the night before). We played some parachute games and it was so good to see them having fun and laughing for the first time… it was certainly worth bringing the parachute! It was worth playing with them and seeing the adults join in… this was good because they learned some of the games and rules and could remind the children of them, and could, hopefully, continue to initiate or play these games with the children in the future.

There was some confusion over who was coming with us in the car, but we had promised Eric we would give him a lift to his home town, and Linda sorted out the confusion by offering a means to get public transport to the other person concerned. After dropping Eric off, we eventually arrived at Ouygis, about 1 pm. Mary and George and other staff welcomed us, then we went to see the children, who were eating their lunch. I saw Alphonce and Vivian, who were both quite shy. Mary gave us some dinner of rice and beans and chapatti, and then she showed us around the home and school.

Linda and I went to the field to be with the children for a short while, but it was very hot and we were tired, so I went back to rest. After a sleep, I played with the girls, firstly outside, but the rain poured, so we took our ring games into the dorm. We did have fun and laughed a lot! I left them so they could get ready for bed, and little Charlotte (George’s daughter) was lovely… she took to me and played with my hair. God put it on my heart to pray for her eye and for Alphonce’s leg – had cut/stitches etc from an accident a few days before.

In the evening, the children came over the TV / visitors room, and I got these children looking for ‘lost sheep’ around the room. When the older ones arrived, I introduced Fluffy, the sheep dog who talked about being tired because he had been looking for sheep all day… up the trees, behind bushes etc.. this then lead into the story of the Lost Sheep which Linda read. The children then sang to me a song I taught them on my last visit here “Father God” – it was so good to hear that! They had not forgotten what they had learned and this really touched me. I asked about the flags, and apparently they are still using them in church also!

After the story, we taught the children the song, “I am his and He is mine” - the banner song, which they picked up with 5 minutes, which we started slowly, then got faster (to make it fun), and I talked about what this song meant…. About the banner of God’s love always being over them, never failing them, never turning them away etc. Afterwards (plus beforehand) I asked again if we could pray for Charlotte’s eye and Alphonce’s leg, and with his permission, Linda and myself laid hands on them and prayed for God to release his healing to them. Before we prayed for Charlotte, God spoke to me about her, saying that over the next few months her eyesight would improve and get stronger. I relayed this to George, but in the form of a prayer… that it is my prayer that in the next few months her eye would improve …. etc.

After we prayed for their healing, I explained to the children that Jesus took children into his arms and blessed them and he laid his hands upon them and blessed (just like we had just done) – that Jesus healed the sick and we have prayed that Jesus will heal Charlotte and Alphonce. We said our ‘goodnights’ at the door, but also went around to the dorms to say goodnight to them individually (in George’s and Benta’s presence). The boys again were quite and reserved and the girls very responsive … they were hiding in their beds! I gave them all a big hug and kiss and said goodnight and goodbye.. explaining we had to leave at 4 am to catch the plane back to Nairobi. Scovia said she would get up to say goodbye to us.

After all of this, Linda, myself, Fred, George and his brother talked then Linda and I retired to bed about 10.30 pm. I found it very difficult to settle and sleep (due to earlier sleep) and I kept waking in the night and thinking about travelling the next day.

Friday 7th November, 2008

We woke early and got ready to go. Kennedy and Fred drove us to Kisumo. Scovia and Faith got up to say goodbye to us – bless them! And they gave us some letters to give to others. The drive was a bit scary the dark along a long dirt-track bumpy road. We made it to the airport in good time and had some tea and toast. Fred managed to get a ticket, so he flew with us. Sam was a bit late picking us up the other end, so Fred phoned him, and Fred had a ride with us to the hotel, then made his way to wherever he was going.

We both had a rest, dinner then a shower, repacked and then relaxed sitting outside the room in the sunshine and had ‘tea’. Wickcliffe was meant to be meeting us at 2pm, but got delayed – he eventually made it about 4pm? I was feeling rather nervous about him coming, because I did not want to be caught up into talking about financial matters or feel ‘under pressure’ to commit to something I could not do; however, as it was, things did not turn out like that. When Wickcliffe arrived, we spoke, quite intensely, about some of the financial matters and needs of the centre, including the children’s home, school of ministry, school, church etc and what his real vision and calling was. We expressed some concerns, especially about the children who live there and the school children, and also spoke about returning next year, to teach the same thing (Keys to Walking in the Spirit), but also extending that, to teach the people who work with children about childcare principals and values, nurturing children etc, so next year I will be teaching for 2 weeks – but I hope there will be room ‘to be’ with the children, actually nurturing them! This is what it is all about – no just teaching, but doing!

On the way to the airport, we had a VERY HAIRY JOURNEY! There were traffic jams from when we left the hotel all the way to the airport in Nairobi. Instead of one queue of traffic on the left and one on the right, there were up to 3 at one time on one side on what we would term, a single lane road – they were cutting in, undertaking, overtaking, people getting off buses and walking in front of moving cars (including children) and some buses and cars stuck on the road, or side of the road, unable to move. Linda texted Brian to pray that we would get there, safely, and we did after much traffic ‘negotiation!’ I now appreciate how civilly we drive in the UK. Our journey home was smooth, quite and relaxing – we will well looked after by British Airways!

This whole experience has been burning in me since my return. I know I am to go back and can’t wait! It was so enjoyable, and God really blessed and anointed us in a way we cannot explain, in teaching, sharing, praying, playing, everything we did. I have been able to share these experiences with individuals, and with the children in the school I work in, and then, on Sunday, when Linda comes, within our church. I have also been listening to some teachings on CD about the Seer gift since my return (eg prophecy, gifts of revelation etc) and this has been really eye-opening and encouraging that what we experienced was real, but there is also more to enter into and experience. I can’t wait. I pray I can return more often, and minister on a regular basis, so that I may be part of the process in extending God’s Kingdom and bringing release to people.